Horticulture 101 at Los Alamos county

Los Alamos Horticulture 101

Gardening in Los Alamos County can present challenges to even the most experienced horticulturists. Los Alamos newcomers often have trouble getting plants to thrive or even survive. More often than not, they previously gardened where "you stick a plant in the ground and it grows." Plant survival in Los Alamos and White Rock is not only determined by temperature, for rarely is extreme cold the limiting plant growth factor. Combinations of low humidity, drying winds and physical properties of the soil compounded by the innumerable microclimates throughout the county influence how well plants perform here.

Water is one of the most urgent issues facing New Mexico. Complex problems of supply and demand, ownership and water quality are intrinsically inter-related. As a natural resource and basic element of our environment, decisions affecting water quality and quantity should be based on proven scientific understanding. Together with the Los Alamos County Public Utilities Department, the Los Alamos Cooperative Extension Service has set a goal of continued water reduction in the future. The following links are meant to help Los Alamos County homeowners better utilize water in their landscapes.



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